Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hospital Stay

Hey boys & girls, I'm alive but I've been in the hospital since Monday afternoon. R brought me to the emergency with shallow breathing. They ran a slew of tests on me and so far I've been told I had a lot of fluid in my left lung and around my heart and a severe case of asthma. No wonder I couldn't breathe well, huh? The fluid is lessening in my lung but there is still fluid around my heart and so far all 3 doctors that are caring for me can not figure out the reason for this and are keeping me here til they get an answer. They've done many x-rays, CT Scan, and two Echo Cardio Grams, along with the many many blood tests. I've been on oxygen since my arrival on Monday and I'm getting my asthma medication through a nebulizer every few hours so my breathing is much better, yay hospital staff! I'm on antibiotics, prednisone, a diurectic to get rid of the fluid, a high blood pressure medicine because it was sky high which is unusual. Anyway, the hospital staff is taking great care of me but I wish I could go home soon. Please keep me in your prayers and as soon as I can blog or tweet again, I'll update you on my health. BTW, the hospital blocks twitter and facebook on laptops here so I'm blogging for now on R's laptop when he brings it. I might be able to tweet from my son's phone...we will see.
Bye for now and I'm sharing a couple of pics of me and my hospital room.

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