Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Every single time I sit down to blog my neighborhood goes berserk with noise.
One example is The Demented Drummer and the other is The Neighborhood Dogs and/or Small Planes:

Friday, March 12, 2010


An interesting strange incidence occurred this past week.
In the light of day again I might add.
I've tried to forget about it but it keeps gnawing at me.  My memory won't shake it.  It won't let it go so I guess I'll blog about it...
One afternoon I was taking a nap in the recliner in front of the television.  Our dog was also napping on the floor in front of the tv.  When I woke up, I was still too tired to move or get up.  I remembered I was alone in the house and I could see the dog sleeping.  I was awake for about five minutes but closed my eyes just to relax and savor the quietness of the afternoon.  I could hear the birds chirping outside, the neighbors moving around their trash cans and...a female voice that sounded like someone was standing in front of my television that said, "be careful".  Wait!  WTF?!?! I immediately opened my eyes and no one was in the room with me!  At the very same second I heard this voice, our dog jumped up startled from her sleep and tried to scramble away but she get slipping on the floor.  It seemed, (and of course I can't be certain of this), that the dog heard the voice too and if there was someone in the room with us, it would have been right next to our dog where she was sleeping.  "Be careful"  Clear as a bell.  In the sweetest, kindest female voice.  It wasn't a whisper.  It was a soft, clear, and a loud enough voice to wake up the dog.  A voice that startled me because I was home alone.  Could I have fallen back asleep and dreamt this? It's possible but I distinctly heard the outside noises of the neighborhood.  Of course I could have been dreaming that I heard the outside noises of the neighborhood but I feel 100% certain that I was awake.  Then there is our dog.  She was startled by something at the same exact moment.
I wish I could prove this happened while I was awake but I can't.  The only way I could prove it is to have cameras all over the house running all the time but I can't afford that, heh!  Until then I'll just keep blogging.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kitchen Ghost?

We've always known we have more than one spirit in this house. One we call the kitchen ghost.  She or he is in the kitchen quite often. Either moving things around. Banging on pots or dishes. Touching R on his back while at the sink! The kitchen ghost has appeared as a white mist to me. Once I turned from the sink to the refridgerator and walked right into it!  The other night I was rinsing the dishes off to load into the dish washer, R was in the family room on his mac and no one else was in the house.  I kept feeling a presence behind me and of course when I looked around no one was there. This feeling happened several times but wanting to get the dishes over with I just ignored it.  On this particular night the overhead sink light went out so it was a bit darker where I was standing and you would think it would be harder to see shadows right? Wrong.  As I was half way done I felt a strong presence again and automatically glanced over to my right and there on the kitchen counter was a dark shadow! I could clearing see the outline of a head, neck and shoulders.  All I could say was, "oh gosh!"  And then it was gone.  I called out to R who was still sitting in the other room and told him what I just saw.  He came over and I showed him where the shadow was and we tried to recreate it.  R would stand in different spots until his shadow was in the exact location as the dark shadow I saw.  We concluded that it was if someone was standing right behind my right shoulder to cast the shadow in that spot.
The day before yesterday I was on the computer with my back to doorway from the kitchen.  I heard footsteps coming towards me and then heard them enter the family room that I was in.  Without looking I asked who it was.  No response.  I turned and no one was there nor in the kitchen.  Then I realized I was all alone in the house in the afternoon!  Just another day at my house.