Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Man Face

Finally! I get a chance to blog again.  This blog starts with this past Sunday, Valentine's Day.  It was about 10AM-ish when I was looking into the front bedroom . As I closed the door to the bedroom my back was to our hallway. As soon as I turn around, there at only an arms length away from me was a face of a man. Just a face.  But a face as clear as I can see any human being right there looking at me. He seemed to appear for only half a second.  But his details were amazing!  He was fair skinned. A normal looking mouth and nose. I didn't see much of his hair. Just the little bit that framed his face which looked light brown and a little wavy.  And his eyes were light in color. I believe they were blue. But like I said  he seemed to be there for only half a second.  It happened so fast that all I could say was, "oh!" And then he was gone.  I look back at this incident now and it was probably more like 2 or 3 seconds.  The whole thing was so fast.  I didn't have time to think, be frightened or think of asking him anything!  I didn't even get a sense of what he wanted. He was just there looking at me.  Looking right into my eyes.  He was approximately 5' 9".  I have no idea who he is or why he's here.  This is the second time I've seen a face in my house...I mean a face detached from a body...looking very human and alive.
Another incident happened on Tuesday.  I was in the bathroom combing my hair in the mirror.  The bathroom door was open half way at the time.  When I turned to go out I saw a shadowy grey figure walk fast right in front of me.  All I could make out was the right arm and leg moving. I poked my head out into the hallway but there wasn't anyone there.  I asked the men-folk if it was them walking by and they said no.  They were both on their computers in the family room which is on the other side of our house.
*Cue Twilight Zone music*

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shadow Man In The Sun

I've been wanting to blog for over a week now but I'm having too much pain in my legs and knees to sit at the computer for too long. It's very frustrating.
Anyway....I wanted to share what I happened last Wednesday, January 27. I went outside to lock our backyard gate and glanced over the fence and saw something unusual. Across the street at a neighbor's house it looked like a person was trying to hide so I wouldn't see them. First I thought it was the neighbor that lived there and I thought, "why is he trying to hide from me?" It looked like this person was trying to hide in their front courtyard behind a post. I could see a head in the shadows glancing out from behind this post a few times. My second thought it was a someone was trying to break into their house! I thought I better hurry up and lock our gate then get ready to call the police. I locked our gate, looked up again over the fence and this person, came out from behind the post, turned his head and seemed to see me looking at him, then ducked behind the post again. All this time this person looked like he was covered in the shadows of the afternoon so I could not make out any details of hair color or facial features but it did have the shape of a man. At this point my dog who was outside with me started acting agitated. It was obvious she sensed something strange. Then (and trust me, I know how weird this sounds) this man jumps out of the shadows into the afternoon sun and turns towards me, standing with his legs and arms apart and I finally get a good look at him. He was definitely in the shape of a man. I could even see the shape of a little bit of hair on his head BUT there were no features on this man. He himself was a dark shadow! A three dimensional shadow person. Outside standing in the afternoon sun, looking at me! At this point I don't mind telling you I was completely freaked out and was little afraid it was going to start walking towards me, so I got myself and the dog inside as quickly as possible. I said a prayer of protection to calm my nerves then I got my camera and looked back out across the street. He was gone! I was nervous, disappointed and relieved all at the same time. I was all alone in the house then, but the nerve wracking part was that I actually saw what we usually see in our house outside in my neighborhood! That hasn't happened here before this time. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what was going on. And my dog was still acting very nervous. I remained watching out the door to try to capture him on camera but he/it never returned.
When I saw R later that day I told him about it and he wondered if it was the same shadow person we see inside the house. We have no idea. There is no way to know that for sure. Hopefully I will feel better from my leg and knee pains so I can do the research on this house and neighborhood. Until then, this will all remain a mystery.