Monday, August 9, 2010

Hospital Stay Part 2

So I've been home recovering since being discharged from the hospital this past Thursday night. I never received a full diagnosis when I left because the pulmonologist didn't see me in person my last day and instead discharged me over the phone with the nurses. I had three specialists overseeing my care in the hospital. One was a fluid specialist (I don't know the technical term), another was a cardiologist and the main doctor was the lung specialist/pulmonologist.

As I've said many times before, I've been having a terrible time with my asthma this season. So much so that while I'm awake I seem to stop breathing every once in a while for a few seconds. My M.D. thought it might be a form of sleep apnea but all the doctors in the E.R. said it can't be that if you are awake. Ha! I knew it! Turns out it was all the fluid in my lungs that had been building up over time. For a moment the doctors thought that I might have C.O.P.D.! And I've never smoked! In fact I hate smoking with a passion, so the thought that I might have that baffled everyone. I was asked a ton of questions about myself and family members and I remembered that my mom used to smoke when we were all little kids. The doctors then said that I probably was more sensitive to her second hand smoke and even though I didn't have asthma as a child that is why I have asthma now. Oh well!

I was very lucky that I was in such a good hospital. I've been in county hospital in Los Angeles, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone! But the staff here was wonderful, kind, and helped me to breathe easier as soon as they possibly could.
I've made a check up appointment with the pulmonologist that treated me in the hospital so we can see if there is a way we can keep my asthma from getting so bad that fluid fills my lungs. Gosh, I hope so! I'd rather never ever go through that again! Not only was it hard on me physically but it took a toll on my family members as well. I also learned that asthma is a form of lung disease so I think finally seeing a specialist in this field will help me greatly.
Right now the plan is to stay on a low-sodium diet so it will help my body Not to retain water anywhere and cutting sugar out so I can lose and get to a healthy weight that would also help me not to get so sick with the asthma.
So far so good on the healthier eating!

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