Thursday, July 8, 2010

Upset Spirits?

As of today, we still have not found a place to move in to.
The looking, the calling, the seeing in person, is such a drain especially in the summer weather. And with my asthma and migraines, the looking almost kills me.
Then people out and out Lie to us! One A-Hole said we could move in right away and have the rest of the month of July Free Rent, then when we showed an interest in the place, he said totally negated and said we needed first and last to move in! *insert scream here*
Other places say they take dogs...we show an interest in the available apartment in person and then we are told that the building with the vacant apartment does Not take dogs and the building that does take dogs won't be available til the middle of August! Again, *insert scream here*
Why do people have such a hard time with the truth? Why do they feel a need to waste our time and theirs? Oh, and don't get me started on the Craigslist scams! They go something like this..."We are missionaries in Nigeria...we trust you...send us the money and we will send you the keys" Mmmhmm, right buddy, we were born Yesterday!
One good thing...well, it's not the shadow man has been appearing by the front door again. R saw him many times yesterday and the day before. This morning I saw the man who manifests himself as a non-see-thru human then he disappears! This time it was more than just his head/face. I saw the him from head to waist walking by the front door this morning. If his legs manifested I couldn't see them because he was on the other side of a half wall. At first I thought it was R walking by but then R peaked around a corner wall that was no where near the front door. We hadn't seem these two entities for a while now but maybe they are upset that we have to move. I'm not sure. I wonder if they will make their presences known to the new tenants?
The photo above is the view from where I was sitting and saw the male spirit.

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